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Pay Diamond is a company that is offering a business opportunity to earn money by investing just a little money, these are stated clearly on the official site. Although the site is in Portuguese, using Google you can get a rough translation and understand what this company is doing.
Pay Diamond have over 20 years of experience in multilevel marketing and have developed the first-ever participatory marketing system.
Pay Diamond allows you to invest money into the system and earn money in return. The site is set up to where the bottom level or “Joy” account holder must pay $200 to receive income weekly return on investment for 50 weeks.
💎 10 Reasons why Paydiamond is a Legit brand 💎
How to know legit Company’s/ Business?
1. They are not in the cloud/internet space alone doing business, you can see them. *In paydiamond we have yearly conventions where about 100 countries are represented (favourably Nigeria became part of it this year, it is just 7months in the country but 3years in the world and all they said we have seen.)* where they meet with the board of directors.
2. There is an expiration to your contract. In paydiamond after 50weeks of receiving the weekly bonus, you will have to buy another pack(carats) to continue the weekly payments. Note this is only attached to the weekly returns which has nothing to do with networking or any conditions apart from buying a pack from the company and your 5% based on the cash value of the pack/carats purchased will be paid every Monday but other streams of earning in paydiamond have no expiration. The diamonds can also be demanded for depending on you and will be shipped via DHL courier service to your door step.)
3. They work with a standard, registered bank legally. In paydiamond one of the ways to withdraw your earnings is through euroexchangesecurities.co.uk which is an international European bank with head office in London, and you can demand for your mastercard to be used anywhere in the world, you can get paid through BITCOIN.
4. They have a product
Diamond is our product, and diamond is a billionaire market, selling in $ billions yearly in the international markets where paydiamond trade your purchase carats of diamond to give back the 5%weekly to you before shipping your diamond base on choice for 25weeks if not they will continue for another 25weeks and the contract terminates
5. They are recognize globally. Paydiamond just ranked number 29 in one of the highly respected business journals in the world like Forbes www.businessforhomes.org. Paydiamond is Kimberly certified (World Diamond regulatory organization) like WHO. Registered in Hong Kong as the head office, Brazil, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and many other countries. Have contract with Master Card and Mktcoin
6. Have asset with the government
Paydiamond has monetary backups with the Brazilian government up to $355,000,000million in total as I send this message but paid  monthly
7. They require your documentation (International passport or National ID or Drivers license, Utility bills or bank statement carrying your address for door delivery of your product and fund transfers) after registration and activation. Paydiamond requires the listed documentation above
8. Have a cooperate face Paydiamond has Carlos Luis as Administrative director who has over 27years in the field of international business and other executive officers worldwide, in America, Africa, Asia and Europe
9. They think of the future/Innovative
With the introduction of Mktcoin as a new payout system in Paydiamond, with all the favourable traits of the cryptocurrency and the trend/changes of world financial systems, Paydiamond has vision
10. Equal Opportunity settings.
In paydiamond no matter the time you buy from the company your required returns will be given to you and if you choose to network for more earnings, the opportunity to earn so much more than someone who bought or started networking the brand before you is here.
👉I would advice you not to wait any longer. The real thing has come to stay be part of it now and see your financial status change for the better
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